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Block of the Month.

BOM 2023: Finishing fabrics and designs will be available February - March 2024. We will let you know when we have more details. I design 16-20 projects for you to use with the blocks you have made. The fun to finish awaits!

The Quiltessential Co. Block of the Month Club runs from January through December. Each year there is a different theme and a different ruler. Ingrid designs 12 blocks and by the end of the year participants have 12 blocks to use in a quilt, a wall hanging, a runner, place mats or whatever other project might be imagined. Out of town? We will mail the blocks to you? See details here. Want to pay for the whole year and just pick up when convenient? We do that too - see details here

In-store sign up and monthly pick up? Check below and call or come in. 
Bom 2024 idea IDEA OF BLOCK with Goddess Tool, not the colour being used.

NEW BOM 2024: RULES  – any updates or changes will be on our website and our Facebook page. *Mail out or pay for the year, check details above

This year our theme is GODDESS and our blocks will finish at 12”

We are using the Goddess Ruler and each of our colour stories is named after a goddess.

Choose:  ATHENA (War and Crafts), DIANA (Nature), or FLORA (Flowers) or all three!

Rule # 1: The completed block is to be returned by the registrant on the next meeting date to get your reward discount. This is usually the 1st FRIDAY from 10 AM to Saturday 5 PM check dates listed as this year some dates had to change because they coincided with a holiday or event *Write the dates in your calendar*

Rule #2: The blocks will not be distributed earlier than stated. Friday start is 10 am

In Store Demos are FRIDAY 10:15 and 10:45 am, SATURDAY 10:15 am

Stay for new tips and hints on the new block and at that time you will receive the next block fabrics and instructions. This will help those that like the personal notes and help. Our YOUTUBE will go up by the Saturday.

NEW GOLDEN TICKETS!If you stay for the demonstration, you will get a ticket to go into a bi-monthly prize draw. Every ticket during the year that is not a prize winner will go into an extra end of the year draw!

Sign up and first block $12.99. If you follow the above simple rules, your other blocks will only cost $6.99 each (this is your $2 reward for completing your block!). If you do not manage to come in and comply with the rules you pay the regular price of $8.99 for your next block package. Upon receiving your January BOM you will receive a “coupon” with two uses. If you are late or on vacation, you can “cash” in the coupon and still receive the block/s at the discounted reward price. *MAIL OUT is different. Check the website or store.

If for any reason you need to “drop-out” of Block of the month, we do require two months’ notice with payment. If you are away for any reason, we are always happy to keep your blocks for you, please let us know if you are gone for an extended period.

At the end of the twelve months, you will have made twelve 12” blocks, and need to finish your project. If you want ideas, they will be available, and if you wish to do your own thing with your blocks you can do that too! I design a specific block of the month booklet with at least 15 designs for you to use to finish your blocks into a quilt or project.

First block and instructions are available starting January 5th at 10 am

Demo January 5th @ 10:15 & 10:45 am, January 6th @10:15 am These are the dates you are to show your completed block (in-person) and pick up the new one. These are also the dates that we send out the mail order blocks.

February and for the rest of the year. * REMEMBER START IS 10 am on the Friday *

DATES: FEB. 2 & 3 MARCH 1 & 2 APRIL 5 & 6, MAY 3 & 4, JUNE 7 & 8, JULY 5 & 6, *AUGUST is 9 & 10, SEPTEMBER 6 & 7, OCTOBER 4 & 5, NOVEMBER 1 & 2, DECEMBER 6 & 7


Goddess Tool Tips and Tricks 

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